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Climate Change

by Dr Craig Cogger

Climate change is a critical issue that will increasingly affect agriculture, water supplies, ecosystems, human well-being, and economic activity. Although many thousands of scientists across a broad range of disciplines are working on climate related issues, much confusion still exists among the public, media, and decision makers about the science of climate change and the future implications of a changing climate.

This web page includes a narrated Adobe Flash Player slide presentation that summarizes the science of climate change and its implications for humans and ecosystems. It is peer-reviewed and written at a lay level. It can be viewed with Adobe Reader and is divided into 10 short parts to allow viewing a few minutes at a time. The page also includes links to other scientifically-based web sites that provide a deeper understanding of climate science.

Please Read, Notes on Slides - Use the browser back button at the end of a part to return to this page and start a new part, or close the tab if the slideshow part had opened in a new tab. Click on slideshow play button to start slideshow if needed. If you wish to read text instead of listening to speakers, click on the"Notes" tab in the slideshow.

Part 1
  Part 2
Part 3   Part 4
Part 5   Part 6
Part 7   Part 8 and 9
Part 10    



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