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Organic Farming Systems and Nutrient Management

Organic Farming Systems Research

Funded by:
Integrated Organic Program, USDA CSREES
WSU Center for Sustaining Agriculture and Natural Resources
Western Region SARE


In 2002 we began an integrated research program focused on sustainable and organic production systems for small-scale, direct-market vegetable crop production. Our goal is to work with farmers to develop management systems that utilize local inputs to produce high-quality, high-value crops efficiently and profitably in an environmentally sustainable manner. 


Our research is focused in four areas:

  1. Using local sources of organic nutrients
  2. Cover crops
  3. Organic farming systems for vegetable crop production
  4. Soil quality
Field day





Nitrogen contribution of rye-hairy vetch cover crop mixtures to organically grown sweet corn (request pdf e-copy or view online). Lawson, A., A. M. Fortuna, C.G. Cogger, A.I. Bary, and T. Stubbs. 2012. Renew. Ag. Food Sys. 28:59-69. Available on CJO doi:10.1017/S1742170512000014.

Farm-scale variation of soil quality indices and association with edaphic properties (request pdf e-copy). Collins, D.P., C.G. Cogger, A.C. Kennedy, T. Forge, H.P. Collins, A.I. Bary, and R. Rossi. 2011. Soil Sci. Soc. Am. J. 75:580-590.

Management effects on soil quality in organic vegetable systems in western Washington (request pdf e-copy). Pritchett, K., A.C. Kennedy, and C.G. Cogger. 2011. Soil Sci. Soc. Am. J. 75:605-615.

Estimating plant-available nitrogen release from manures, composts, and specialty products (request pdf e-copy). Gale, E.S., D.M. Sullivan, C.G. Cogger, A.I. Bary, D.D. Hemphill, and E.A. Myhre. 2006. J. Environ. Qual. 35:2321-2332.

Fertilizing with manure (online pdf). Bary, A., C. Cogger, and D.M. Sullivan.  2000.  PNW0533.  Washington State University Cooperative Extension, Oregon State University Cooperative Extension System, US Department of Agriculture. 

Soil management for small farms (online pdf).  Cogger, C.G.  2000.  EB 1895.  Washington State University Cooperative Extension, Oregon State University Extension Service, University of Idaho Cooperative Extension System, US Department of Agriculture. 

Researchers and Cooperators:

  Craig Cogger Marcy Ostrom Andy Bary
  Ann Kennedy Ann-Marie Fortuna Richard Alldredge
  Kate Painter Tim Miller Doug Collins
  Art Antonelli Jessica Goldberger Todd Murray
  Bee Cha Malaquias Flores Tom Forge (Agric. & Agri-Food Canada)
  Don McMoran (WSU) Terry's Berries Dan Sullivan (Oregon St. U.)
  Mother Earth Farms Full Circle Farm Kirsop Farm


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Current Project Support:

USDA Integrated Organic Program
Western Region SARE Grant No.GW06-011
WSU CSANR Organic Program

Past Project Support:

USDA IFAFS Grant No. 2001-52101-11349
Western Region SARE Grant No. SW03-040



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